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The Tower of Loyd and the Paupers' graves


On the outskirts of the town and clearly visible when approaching from the North stands the "Tower of Loyd ". The tower is roughly 100 feet high and has a lantern round the top, in the manner of a lighthouse. It was built in the late 18th century by the lst Earl of Bective. Why such a thing exists is not so clear. There are those who say that the tower was built so that the Headfort family could sit in it and watch various country pursuits taking place. Others say it was built to provide employment at a time of economic hardship or is no more than a "folly".

The Tower of Loyd from the North. Despite the disputes about its purpose, it makes an impressive landmark. Note the lighthouse style parapet. There are those who believe this reflected on the nautical aspirations of the Headfort family at that time. That may be true or they may simply have liked the look of the thing, when someone suggested it.


Nearby is the site of the Paupers' Grave. This cemetery was a necessity in the times of great poverty in the country. Mass is still celebrated there annually and the cemetery is a grim reminder of the Workhouse and the extreme poverty which was engendered by changes in farming practice in the 19th century and also of the Famine.

Happily the land now finds a more cheerful use. The area round the tower has been developed as a community park (The People's Park). There are good facilities for children to play, have picnics and generally run about.

The altar at the Paupers' Graveyard. Very strong feelings are evoked in the Graveyard, if you're sensitive to that sort of thing. Thankfully the area is now full of the sounds of children playing on the swings and slides which are placed on the lower end of the park. Entry is via the Oldcastle Road. Follow the sign to "The People's Park"




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